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When Will You Change?

It is beneficial to look at our lives from time to time and determine whether or not what we’ve been doingRaising Your Standards 1, the people we’ve shared our time with, and the results we’ve become accustomed to are the manifestations we really want in our lives.

If we don’t take time out for reflection, we will continue to repeat the same unproductive actions over and over again.

Reflection allows us to determine what is working and what is not. We can decide to discontinue certain behaviors knowing that we will continue to get the same result every time we utilize them.

You determine how:

  • use your resources

  • people treat you

  • your time is allocated

So, what you allow is what will continue. Make the changes today that will affect the results you get tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “When Will You Change?

  1. Thanks for the post. Something I’ve had to learn the hard way this year. Please take a look at my blog and my journey to change.

  2. Great post Dr. Jasmin! We often tend to seek external sources to explain our own inner demeanor when sometimes the answers for change lie right before our eyes!

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